This year we are very excited to welcome back the fantastic SALSADELIC to close the show. We enjoyed their infectious grooves so much last year we reckoned that they would be a perfect headlining act. Also returning to open the show are PENGENISTA- a fine band of drummers from South London who drummed all the way from the Big Bridge on the High Street to the arena, bringing along enthusiastic, rhythm-loving folk in their wake. We have 4 more acts confirmed and as soon as we get the links, we’ll be introducing them to you right here. The music will start at 12.00 and run throughout the afternoon, so kick back and relax, or get up and dance, let the music take you. The running order and timings will be published soon.

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The Pengenista Drummers are a community band from South London who play the samba reggae rhythms of Bahia, North Eastern Brazil. Since forming in 2016 they have played at many local events and festivals as well as joining fellow drummers at the Notting Hill and Kingston Carnivals. They love to share the joy of drumming and MAKING SOME NOISE.


From Tunbridge Wells, this now 8 piece band play infectious Latin rhythms guaranteed to get the party started with a mix of classic “salsa dura” tunes & original material . Now joined by the very talented singer Emily Hilton, their mission is to bring wild Salsa music to the people!



“We are The Petty Thieves. A five piece, sleazy Reggae/Ska/Funk/Soul/Jazz band from the dirty suburbs of Medway. ENJOY!”


Kung Fu Slipper was formed in the summer of 2017 by a group of musicians with a shared passion for exploring musical ideas through improvisation and experimentation.

Our sound is infused with elements of jazz, funk, Afrobeat, dance & electronic music and many other eclectic influences.


“Mixing Pop and Politics. No excuses.
We play Country, Blues and Bluegrass worksongs. A mixture of originals and classics from the last 100 years”

Hailing from opposite sides of the county line, ‘Wyatt Riot’, from the badlands of Old Oxted, and Woody Riot (The Corbynista Kid) from the Dust bowl delta of Bat and Ball, met as lone outlaws riding the trails of the A25 valley. They came together to as vigilantes to fight a common cause. To rid the Home Counties of greed and fascism and to keep the spirit of Woody Guthrie alive. These gunslingers carry the weapons of great songs and a collective voice.


Alt-folk band featuring melodeon, whistles, guitar, drums, bass and vocals. Traditional folk music with the influence of modern grunge/rock

Sponsors & Supporters

As we discovered in 2016, running a festival involves combining lots of different elements which are facilitated by funding in order to ensure a successful event. Without our supporters and sponsors Tonbridge Calling wouldn't be the great day it is. Last year's success set the bar high for the organisers and it was hugely gratifying for us at the end of the day to have such an enormously positive response from so many of those who came along. Our huge thanks are due to the local people and businesses below that have generously contributed by providing funding, resources, or heavily discounted services, both on the day and in the run up to the festival, as well as to our wonderful team of stewards, cake bakers and other volunteers- thank you!

DDA Statement

The Tonbridge Calling festival aims to increase diversity and tolerance and bring people within the community together. With this in mind we try to incorporate the needs of everyone attending, from a diverse range of music to food suitable for all diets and tastes. The event itself is set within an open park, with no restrictive boundaries so those that wish to can escape the music for a while or enjoy from a distance with no difficulty.
The event is free and unticketed so there are no long queues to get in to the festival, and people can come and go as they please.  We actively encourage people to bring picnic blankets so that there is plenty of space in the audience for easy movement with no crowding, and festivalgoers in wheelchairs can still have a good view of the stage. The atmosphere is relaxed and easy going.
The event itself is set on a large flat area of grass, there is a hard path to the edge of the site directly from nearby car parks and the high street which is about 500 metres away. Our stewards will be more than happy to help with wheelchair access should you need it. The shortest access route across the grass will be by the stage itself, which runs along the path by the river. We are also very happy to assist people with limited vision, and can meet you at the main gate to guide you to the event area.

There are three car parks nearby. The castle car park has five disabled spaces, is roughly 300m away from the site but has a slope with steps so is not suitable for wheelchair users or anyone with severe mobility issues. The swimming pool car park has six disabled spaces. Although the bridge across from the pool to the festival site is currently closed for renovation, it can still be accessed via another bridge adjacent to the rear of the miniature railway track. The main car park has two disabled spaces accessed via the same route as the swimming pool but an extra 50 metres or so. The railway station has street level access from one platform and lifts for the others. The route to the site is along roads with pavements with normal height kerbs and is approximately 650m distant.

Please search for ‘Tonbridge Racecourse Park’ in google maps, the pipper is on the festival site.

There are public toilets on site, with a disabled toilet accessed up a ramp locked by a radar key. All our stewards will be happy to assist you accessing the toilets should you need it, and there will be cleaners in attendance at various times throughout the event.  There are further toilets in the swimming pool, the route to these is flat with a slight ramp over the river bridge about 150 metres away.

There will be a clearly identified information tent. Should anyone feel unwell, or need help there will be qualified first aiders on site to take care of you. We also have a designated mobile phone specifically for people to get in touch on the day with queries, help with accessibility or any other issues. The number is 07377 667075.

We aim to be inclusive and like to encourage everyone to enjoy our festival, and actively support people with special needs and disabilities. If you would like help on the day or feel there is something extra that we could do to make the festival more enjoyable for you, please let us know straight away via our web site contact form, by email at and we will respond as soon as possible.