After wowing us at TC ’18, we are really happy to welcome back the mighty Kung Fu Slipper.

Kung Fu Slipper was formed in the summer of 2017 by a group of musicians with a shared passion for exploring musical ideas through improvisation and experimentation.

Our sound is infused with elements of jazz, funk, Afrobeat, dance & electronic music and many other eclectic influences.

Join us on the journey…

“We are an ever growing bunch of festival raggamuffins looking to get you up on you feet and dancing to some funky reggae tunes!
Come join us for some dancy ska and hiphoppy vibes, mixed with some reggae and dnb breaks!”
Ferocious Lopez have built the party band scene in Kent by bringing savagely bouncy grooves to ridiculously catchy melodies, mashed up with soulfully hectic vocals and Spanish guitar.
A live performance worth its weight in the calories you will burn. Rick James Superfreak? Warren G Regulate? The Grand Theft Auto San Andreas theme song? Yes slapped round your chin in a delicious cocktail of Reggae Funk & Hip hop.
Ferocious Lopez are based in Kent, an energetic spectacle that can make a room bounce so hard they forget who they are. Soulfully hectic vocals mixed with Spanish guitar and heavy Reggae Funk
Natalie says,
“Often inappropriately dressed for the weather, Natalie Thomas is a small woman with a guitar and an optimistic outlook.

She is originally from the North of England and so does ‘mispronounce’ the word castle. She can’t apologise enough.”